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Bubble Guard Sheet

Bubble Guard Sheet  & boards has triple layers of virgin polypropylene sheets with plain layers on either sides and a middle core layer having thermoformed bubbles/cones. These bubbles/cones are welded together with specialized technique to get a strong, rigid and composite structure which offers remarkable mechanical strength/properties.

Grammage : –  250 – 3000 GSM

Thickness range : – Tough and light
Maximum width  : –  2000 mm
Bubble diameters : –  4mm, 8mm and 12mm
Standard sheet sizes : –  4ft. x 6ft.,  4ft. x 8ft  , 4.25ft. x 6.5ft.  (special sizes on request)
Surface texture  : – Matt and glossy

1 Storage bins/ boxes/ crates for inter-departmental material handling

2 Returnable/ reusable transportation & transit boxes for components, parts, sub assemblies, outsourced parts, semi-finished parts, packing materials, dies etc

3 Foldable and collapsible boxes

4 Boxes for Pharma kits, electronic kits, instruments, sample kits, tool kits, etc

5 Substitute for wooden packaging, boxes

6 Particle boards, internal partitions/ separators/ liners

7 Cushioning paddings for sheet glass, heavy equipment, support paddings

8 In-house or transit and storage pallets

9 Paddings for suiting/ shirting/ dress material wrappings and yam packaging

10 Thermoformed articles, die-punched industrial components

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1 High values consumer boxes like blankets and consumer items
2 Export worthy packaging for high value items
3 Fruits, vegetables and flowers packing
4 Household applications, ceramic products
5 Gift packaging, value added packaging

Advanced Technologies80%
Production Capacity95%
Utilization Rate70%
Customer Satisfaction100%
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Bubble guard sheet is a definitive solution for the rigid packing system. It is a product that has the strength, rigid shape, definitive structure and occupies least space whilst giving maximum protection.

Bubble guard also referred to as Mettwrap/Metal Wrap or Rigid bubble sheet is made from Polypropylene and has three layers. The outer and the inner layer is sheet of PP which holds the solid rigid hollow bubble that provides strength and shape to the sheet. It is used in a number of applications including packaging of steel coils, packaging separators, false ceiling, wall panels, door panels, wood protectors, floor protectors, wall facing boards, printing and other applications.

Main Characteristics of Bubble Guard Sheets:

  • Rigidity
  • Lightness
  • Flatness
  • Opacity
  • UV protection
  • Moisture resistant and rot-proof